The Discovery

Recently, Dr. Esdale developed an acute TMJ condition. Like others, he was treated with night guards and bite adjustments, which gave him only temporary relief from his painful symptoms.  Sleep became difficult for him, and he was only able to catch short naps during the night. He was living a very stressful “TMJ nightmare.” One evening, almost by accident, he noticed that his only TMJ pain relief occurred when he re-positioned his tongue.  This manipulation allowed his upper and lower teeth to separate, giving  him immediate relief. He discovered that the elevator muscles of the tongue can work reciprocally with the muscles used in clenching and grinding.  Although using his tongue  this way and keeping it in the new position full-time seemed simple enough, it turned out to be quite  a task.  It required that he access his subconscious mind.  After weeks of trial and error, he developed a technique which effortlessly allowed him to use his tongue to disengage his teeth full-time.

Since then, he has been symptom-free and no longer wears any night guards.From his professional experience, Dr. Esdale knows that teeth should only show minimal wear with the passage of time.  Excessive dental wear happens from clenching and grinding.  Under normal function, opposing teeth rarely need to touch, and their wear should not be accepted as normal or age- appropriate.  With proper tongue re-positioning, this concept can become a reality for everyone.These ideas are the basis for Tongue Chi.  Dr. Esdale has developed this audio recording so that others can easily and effortlessly learn to relax their jaws and stop clenching and grinding their teeth. Since utilizing this system on his patients, he has helped many people alleviate their symptoms naturally, without the use of expensive and invasive dental therapies.